About Robison Anton®

Robison Textile positioned itself to service the industry and satisfy the growing need for embroidery trimmings in the early 1900’s.  Robison Textile supplied thread for military emblems until the war ended.  When Anton Yarn Co. was started in 1950 by Harvey Anton, the opportunity for the two companies to merge and become the largest supplier of embroidery thread in the United States was a welcome one.  They merged in 1959, becoming Robison-Anton® Textile Company.

In 1979, a dye house was opened in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  In 1985 and 1988, Robison-Anton® made acquisitions of twisting and winding plants also in Pennsylvania. The company opened up a new processing plant and completely refit the dye house in 1989.  The year was 1990 when they built RA®  Manufacturing, Inc., a modern twisting and winding facility in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.  RA® Manufacturing, Inc. expanded again in 1995, and the dye house has been updated in the last few years.  During this time, the company grew by focusing on what it does best – embroidery yarns and threads.  Robison-Anton® now serves every phase of embroidery including Schiffli, Multi-Head and Home Sewing.

Robison-Anton® was acquired by American & Ffird, Inc. in 2005.  A & E is operating Robison-Anton® as a separate division called Robison-Anton® Embroidery Thread, which is focused on expanding the embroidery thread business both in the United States and throughout the world.

Whether your need is for a single needle machine or for a twenty head commercial machine, Robison-Anton® leads the market.  Robison-Anton® is the only company that processes and dyes imported filament rayon and Polyester in one factory and one dye house for optimum control.  Robison-Anton’s® 91 year commitment has been dedicated to serving the customer with the highest possible quality.  Robison-Anton® has the industry’s best national distribution system.  Robison-Anton® is not the least expensive nor the most expensive.  Robison-Anton® is simply the best!

We highly recommend you visit the Robison-Anton.com website for a full look at the products available to you through Texas Specialties.