Texas Specialties offers a wide variety of elastics to meet the needs of an ever increasing spectrum of users.

Knitted elastic is soft, strong, and is constructed using consecutive loops.  It is appropriate for most apparel items because it is lightweight and is best-suited for lightweight fabrics.  It does not narrow when stretched and is not affected by needle piercing, making it as suitable for direct fabric application as it is for casings.

Woven elastic is very strong, usually thicker than the other elastics, and is constructed using a system that interlaces yarns and rubber.  It is used on heavy weight fabrics, including home decorating fabric, car covers, bags, accessories, etc.  It has both crosswise and lengthwise ribs, giving it a windowpane appearance.  It does not narrow when stretched, nor does needle piercing weaken it.  Therefore, it can be used in casings or stitched directly to the fabric.

Braided elastic is made by intertwining yarn and rubber.  It is used inside casings because it narrows when stretched, and it looses its stretch and shape retention when it’s pierced or stitched through.  Braided elastic has distinctive lengthwise, parallel ribs, and is used primarily on sleeve hems, swimwear, and leg bands.

In addition there are many specialty elastics including transparent polyurethane and cord.

We hope you will consider Texas Specialties for your next elastic order.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in selecting the type of elastic that would best meet your needs.